MS Exchange services not loading

I came across an interesting problem today. The MS Exchange installation was running on a Windows SBS 2011 platform, but the Exchange services were hanging on startup and causing other services to hang and resulted in slow startup of the server, and desktop (explorer.exe) and of course, no exchange services.

A hint to the problem was found in small text as an afterthought on a page that was visited as a result of a Google search (and not a Microsoft page at that!)

I thought I would post the solution here to save some other IT support person some unecessary pain. (We tried restore of system state, checking hard drives for errors, checking services dependancies, etc).

The solution turned out to be very simple.
– as indicated in the pic, the IPv6 connection on the network card on the server was not ticked.
This apparently BREAKS MS EXCHANGE and causes the services to hang.

After “ticking” the IPv6 entry, like magic every thing started to work again.
I could not believe that something so simple caused so many problems, and was undocumented by Microsoft (as far as our searches turned up).

I hope that this post may save some of you other IT support guys a few hours of fruitless searching, and following dead-end leads.


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